Won’t appear before ministry panel unless it’s re-set: Bajrang Punia

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In a caller twist to the wrestling controversy, the protesting wrestlers connected Tuesday rejected the five-member oversight committee announced by the national sports ministry to probe their allegations of intersexual harassment and fiscal impropriety against the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) and its president Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, claiming that the authorities didn’t support its word.

“We were assured that we would beryllium consulted earlier the oversight committee was formed. It is precise bittersweet that we were not adjacent consulted earlier the enactment this committee,” work identical tweets enactment retired by Olympic medallists Bajrang Punia and Sakshi Malik, and two-time satellite championships medallist Vinesh Phogat, tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi, national location curate Amit Shah and national sports curate Anurag Thakur.

The committee announced by Thakur connected Monday is headed by Olympic medallist and six-time satellite boxing champion MC Mary Kom. The different members are Olympic medallist wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt, erstwhile badminton subordinate and Mission Olympic Cell subordinate Trupti Murgunde, ex-Target Olympic Podium Scheme CEO Rajesh Rajagopalan and retired SAI Executive Director (Teams) Radhica Sreeman.

The sheet volition spell into allegations of “sexual misconduct, harassment and/or intimidation, fiscal irregularities and administrative lapses, levelled by the salient sportspersons,” the ministry bid says. The sheet has been asked to implicit the enquiry by 4 weeks and besides instrumentality implicit the day-to-day medication of WFI till the probe is completed.

It was learnt that the committee had its archetypal gathering connected Tuesday and besides cleared the Indian squad for the International Ranking Tournament starting successful Croatia connected February 1.

Thakur had 2 agelong meetings with the wrestlers earlier announcing the inquiry. Following that, the wrestlers called disconnected their three-day protestation connected Saturday night.

“We made it precise wide during our gathering that our views should beryllium taken earlier the committee is formed. It is simply a very, precise superior substance and we privation a just and impartial probe,” Punia said connected Tuesday.

“We were told by the ministry to person a treatment connected the names we would similar to suggest and that we would beryllium consulted. But that ne'er happened,” helium said.

Asked whether they person objections to immoderate of the committee members, Punia said, “No, we bash not person objection to immoderate peculiar member. But we consciousness our suggestions should person been taken. Or else, however tin we beryllium definite that the probe volition beryllium fair?

“You tin recognize the idiosyncratic we are up against. He is precise almighty and everyone knew the benignant of things helium was progressive in; inactive helium is the WFI president. It has taken batch of courageousness connected the portion of wrestlers to travel guardant and protestation against his rule.”

Punia said they privation the ministry to reconstitute the committee. “We are not going to look earlier this panel. It needs to beryllium reconstituted. If request be, we volition beryllium backmost for sit-in protestation aft 15 days.”

He, however, said the protesting wrestlers person nary objection to the seven-member sheet named by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA). It is besides headed by Mary Kom, the Athletes Commission chairman. Dutt is besides a subordinate of some the panels.

“We don’t person my objection to the IOA committee due to the fact that it is an interior committee of the IOA and it volition person its members. The sports ministry sheet volition look into each facet of the allegations,” said the Tokyo Olympics bronze medallist.

In their missive to IOA president PT Usha, the wrestlers had asked for the enactment of a caller committee to tally WFI successful consultation with them.

While determination was nary authoritative connection from the sports ministry connected the issue, officials successful the cognize said 2 of the members, including Mary Kom, were the prime of the wrestlers.

The apical wrestlers staged an unprecedented three-day protestation astatine Jantar Mantar, calling for the contiguous removal of Singh.

The oversight committee held its archetypal gathering connected Tuesday and took implicit the WFI’s functioning. The federation’s enforcement assemblage was directed by the ministry connected Monday to abstain with contiguous effect from administering and managing the day-to-day activities.

Mary Kom’s committee cleared the Indian squad for information successful Croatia truthful that their visas tin beryllium arranged. Punia, Vinesh, Sakshi, Tokyo Olympic metallic medallist Ravi Dahiya and satellite championships medallist Deepak Punia are portion of the squad but person said they won’t vie successful immoderate tourney until the contented is resolved to their satisfaction.

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