'When In Bangalore' Malaika Arora Couldn't Help But Make THIS 'Quick Pit Stop'

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'When In Bangalore' Malaika Arora Couldn't Help But Make THIS 'Quick Pit Stop'

Malaika Arora's latest foodie outing is making our mouths water

Malaika Arora's foodie tales permission america drooling. The actress, 1 of the fittest divas of Bollywood, is simply a big-time foodie. While Malaika loves to effort retired antithetic cuisines from crossed the world, certain comforting accepted meals stay her all-time favourite. Wondering what's new? Malaika is presently successful Bengaluru. And, it wasn't imaginable that she would not indulge in local delicacies. Accompanied by her team, Malaika visited a edifice and adjacent shared a drawback of her indulgence, which was served connected a banana leaf. We could spot immoderate spinach dal, sambhar, rice, pickle, kheer, and immoderate different assortments. “When successful Bangalore… a speedy pit stop.” Malaika was intelligibly missing her spouse successful crime, yoga trainer Sarvesh Shashi and person Preeta Sukhtankar.
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Take a look astatine Malaika Arora's meal:


Remaining loyal to her emotion for the cuisine, a fewer days agone Malaika Arora gobbled down an astonishing South Indian meal. Yes, she posted it connected Instagram. Wondering what she ate? It started with a bowlful of thayir sadam (curd rice) tempered with mustard seeds. Next, we spotted a heavenly sambar cooked with lentils, carrots, curry leaves, a melange of spices and reddish chillies. To springiness a crunch to the meal, determination were wafers (chips) and immoderate pieces of murukku. For a tangy and spicy flavour, determination was a blob of pickle from the jar kept adjacent to Malaika's plate. “Meals that nourish the soul,” she captioned the post. Read each astir it here.

For a wholesome and fulfilling lunch, Malaika Arora prefers to devour a classical South Indian delicacy – a vessel of curd rice. Her crockery was tempered with adust reddish and greenish chillies, peanuts, rai, urad dal and of people immoderate curry leaves. "Curd atom for the win," she wrote. Check it retired here.

Malaika Arora seems to have a brushed spot for South Indian meals. Don't you agree? 

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