Viral: Man Shares Video Of Fusion 'Matka Dosa' - Internet Divided

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 Man Shares Video Of Fusion 'Matka Dosa' - Internet Divided

This Cheesy Matka Dosa contains a batch of absorbing fillings. Twitter users look unconvinced.Twitter/ @ragiing_bull

Two weeks back, an Instagram reel showing the making of "Cheese Soda Blast" went viral. People were near wondering however adding food to a soda portion could perchance beryllium a bully thought (Read the afloat communicative here). This time, food is again portion of a fusion crockery that is grabbing eyeballs online. A video showing the making of a circumstantial benignant of cheesy dosa is garnering a batch of involvement connected Twitter. A food dosa is thing caller to america - but this dish, which has been dubbed a "Matka Dosa" has ingredients that immoderate would see unusual. However, according to different users, the crockery seemed hardly bizarre - immoderate adjacent called it "tasty." But what is this "Matka Dosa" exactly?
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The video was shared by Twitter idiosyncratic Deepak Prabhu (@ragiing_bull), who simply captioned it "#matkadosa." It shows the step-by-step method of a antheral making the dosa - helium archetypal sautes veggies and seasons them with chaat masala, ketchup, soy condiment and more. He adds what seems to beryllium paneer pieces and stir-fries the ingredients immoderate more. Separately, helium drizzles mayonnaise crossed the opening of a tiny matka. He adds shredded cabbage and cheese too. He past begins making the existent dosa connected a tawa. He adds fillings and grates a batch of food connected top. In the end, helium makes a cone signifier of the dosa and places it, corner-downwards, into the matka. Watch the afloat video below:


— Deepak Prabhu/दीपक प्रभु (@ragiing_bull) March 14, 2023

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The video has received 70.5K views truthful far. In the comments, Twitter users look divided regarding the thought of the dosa. While galore were speedy to condemn specified fusion food, others thought that it whitethorn really sensation good. Check retired immoderate of their reactions below:

Where bash I lodge an FIR?— Dr. Ajayita (@DoctorAjayita) March 14, 2023

Whhyyyyyy? Why bash they bash this with Dosa? It is specified a elemental crockery which has been hijacked by these "innovators" and destroyed.— Priya Samagod (@priyasamagod) March 14, 2023

If you are from Mumbai past sojourn Khau Galli astatine Ghatkopar oregon Borivali oregon Mulund.— Deepak Prabhu/दीपक प्रभु (@ragiing_bull) March 14, 2023

Wow! Looks nice.— Moutusi Guha🇮🇳 (@guhamoutusi_5) March 14, 2023

This really looks yum 😋— Papa Bhoot Pisach Penquin Ji (@MomoDarling3) March 15, 2023

Innovation successful nutrient has go ubiquitous with adding food successful accepted Indian dishes making them highly unhealthy — wonderment what drives this? Social media? Public demand?— Yogesh Apte योगेश आपटे (@Doc_Yogi) March 15, 2023

Mene ye khaya hai, it's bully successful taste— Mayur Sejpal 🇮🇳 (@mayursejpal) March 16, 2023

Why truthful overmuch anyay connected the humble #Dosa— Jitendra Maheshwari (@JitMaheshwari) March 15, 2023

What bash you deliberation of this dish? Do you consciousness similar trying it? Let america cognize successful the comments. Have you heard astir the "dosa printer"? Last month, this South Indian classical was successful the headlines due to the fact that of a video showing it being 'printed.' Wondering how? Click present to cognize more.
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