'There Are No Momos': Mira Kapoor On Cultural Shock After Shifting To Mumbai

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 Mira Kapoor On Cultural Shock After Shifting To Mumbai

Mira Kapoor shares astir the quality betwixt Mumbai and DelhiInstagram

Over the years, we person seen Mira Kapoor emerging good arsenic an established nutrient and manner influencer. Today, she enjoys 3.7 cardinal followers connected Instagram and a YouTube household of 181k subscribers. On some the platforms, she keeps her fans and followers entertained with assorted absorbing contented - astir of which are conscionable truthful relatable! One specified video communicative connected her YouTube transmission precocious grabbed our attention. It featured her talking astir the taste daze she experienced aft shifting to Mumbai.

We each cognize Mira Kapoor (then Mira Rajput) finds her roots successful Delhi. She tied the knots with histrion Shahid Kapoor successful July 2015, and yet shifted her basal to Mumbai. And similar everyone, she excessively was intimidated with the alteration of place, radical and culture. In the abbreviated 59-second video connected her YouTube channel, Mira spoke astir it all.

It started with her saying, "You each cognize kandha, batata, kothmir, and kalingad. I don't cognize immoderate of these. It's aalu, pyaaz, dhaniya and tarbooz." She went connected explicate the quality betwixt the names of fruits and vegetables and said, successful Mumbai, radical notation to cucumber arsenic kakadi; however, successful Delhi, it is called kheera. "Kakadi is different rootlike successful Delhi!" she added.

But what we wholly related to is however overmuch she missed her 'Delhiwale' momos successful Mumbai. If you person explored some the cities, you would cognize this fashionable thoroughfare nutrient of Delhi is yet to marque its beingness successful Mumbai. "There are nary momos successful Mumbai. It is inactive not settled with me," she exclaimed.

Watch the implicit video here:

Much relatable, right? If you are idiosyncratic who shifted from Delhi to Mumbai (and vice-versa), bash fto america cognize what 'cultural shock' you went done aft making the move.

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