Tax credits for charity spending by businesses may go

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4 min read . Updated: 24 Jan 2023, 12:04 AM IST

Gireesh Chandra Prasad

The vantage  of getting an input taxation  recognition  is it tin  beryllium  utilized  to offset astatine  slightest  a portion  of the company’s GST liability. Premium The vantage of getting an input taxation recognition is it tin beryllium utilized to offset astatine slightest a portion of the company’s GST liability.

Govt  may  introduce  amendments  to  GST  law  through  Finance Bill,  2023

The authorities is apt to present amendments to Goods and Services Tax (GST) instrumentality done the Finance Bill, 2023, denying businesses recognition for the taxes paid portion procuring goods and services that they supply to the assemblage nether their firm societal work (CSR) obligations.

This would mean that the taxes that are portion of the goods and services utilized successful CSR activities cannot beryllium adjusted against the company’s wide GST liability, according to 2 persons alert astir discussions successful the Central government. “This would beryllium a large alteration to the GST law," said 1 of the persons. The program is to amend sections successful the GST Act (16 and 17) dealing with input taxation recognition oregon ITC.


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One of the cornerstones of GST is availability of recognition to a concern for the taxes paid connected purchases truthful that taxation applies lone to the worth summation astatine each signifier of the proviso concatenation and determination is nary taxation connected tax. However, recognition for GST paid portion procuring goods and services for gathering CSR obligations has been a grey country with antithetic beforehand ruling authorities giving contradictory orders. This has warranted clearing the aerial done legislative amendments, said the archetypal idiosyncratic quoted above. It is done the yearly Finance Bill, changes successful assorted taxation laws specified arsenic Income Tax Act, Customs Act, CGST Act and IGST Acts are implemented.

The beforehand ruling authorities successful Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat and Kerala person examined the contented whether the taxes paid arsenic portion of CSR activities is “in the people oregon furtherance of his business"—the criteria for recognition to beryllium disposable for taxes paid connected purchases--and person fixed diametrically other views. While the Telangana State Authority for Advance Ruling and the Authority for Advance Ruling successful Uttar Pradesh said that GST connected inputs procured for CSR is disposable arsenic credit, the authorities successful Gujarat and Kerala ordered different connected this circumstantial question, showed the orders that are disposable successful the nationalist domain.

The Telangana State Authority for Advance Ruling noted successful its 20 October 2022 bid that CSR spending mandated nether Companies Act is an expenditure made successful the furtherance of the business. “Hence the taxation paid connected purchases made to conscionable the obligations nether firm societal work volition beryllium eligible for input taxation recognition nether Central GST and State GST Acts," said the order. The UP Authority explained successful its January 2020 ruling that CSR spending is not voluntary, but is simply a statutory work nether institution instrumentality and hence taxation recognition connected it is not restricted. However, the Gujarat Authority for Advance Ruling successful its August 2021 bid explained that CSR activities are excluded from mean people of concern and truthful not eligible for input taxation credit.

The determination to specify successful the CGST Act that input taxation recognition volition not beryllium disposable to businesses connected CSR is applicable for ample companies similar Reliance Industries, TCS, Tata Sons, HDFC Bank Ltd. and ONGC, the highest CSR spenders arsenic per authoritative data. In FY21, Reliance Industries spent 922 crores connected CSR, followed by TCS with a spending of 674 crore and Tata Sons with 546 crores, portion HDFC Bank Ltd. spent 534 crores and ONGC Ltd. spent 531 crores. India Inc. spent much than 25,700 crore connected CSR successful FY21.

Spending connected firm societal work by the manufacture has seen a crisp leap successful caller years, up from implicit 14,300 crore spent successful FY17. In January 2021, the authorities gave effect to a punishment proviso for defaulting connected CSR spending work and allowed businesses to walk much than their work which could beryllium adjusted against their aboriginal spending requirement.

Companies with a nett worthy of 500 crore oregon more, oregon a turnover of 1,000 crore oregon more, oregon nett net of five crore oregon more, are required to walk 2% of their mean nett net of the preceding 3 years connected CSR activities. Companies person to walk the magnitude computed successful this mode connected CSR whether oregon not they get taxation credits. The vantage of getting input taxation recognition is that it could beryllium utilized to wage disconnected astatine slightest portion of the GST liability connected the company’s sales.

Queries emailed to the concern ministry and to the GST Council Secretariat connected Friday seeking comments for the communicative remained unanswered astatine the clip of publishing.

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