Sonali Kulkarni apologises after calling Indian women lazy: 'Have learned a lot from this incident'

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Mar 18, 2023 09:25 PM IST

Sonali Kulkarni shared a connection aft her caller remark calling Indian women ‘lazy’. Her remark near societal media with mixed views.

Actor Sonali Kulkarni issued a connection connected societal media aft receiving disapproval for her remark astir Indian women. She precocious called Indian Women ‘lazy’ which wasn't taken lightly by a conception of societal media users. Reacting to them, Sonali apologised and addressed some disapproval and enactment successful the matter. Also read: Sonali Kulkarni's ‘women are lazy’ remark draws flak online

Bollywood histrion  Sonali Kulkarni breaks soundlessness  aft  viral video astir  Indian women.(AFP) Bollywood histrion Sonali Kulkarni breaks soundlessness aft viral video astir Indian women.(AFP)

Sonali wrote, “Dear all, I’m overwhelmed with the feedback I’m receiving. I would similar to convey each of you, particularly the full property and media for the highly mature behaviour of connecting with me. Being a pistillate myself, my volition was not to wounded different women. In fact, I person extensively expressed myself clip and again successful enactment of america and what is it being a woman. I’m grateful to each of you for reaching retired to maine personally to admit oregon to criticize. Hope we volition beryllium capable to person much unfastened speech of thoughts.”

"In my capableness I americium trying to think, enactment and stock warmth not lone with women, but with the full mankind. It volition beryllium lone strengthening if we women with our vulnerabilities and contented radiance done arsenic just and capable beings. If we are inclusive and empathetic, we volition beryllium capable to make a healthier, happier spot to be," she continued.

She besides added, “Having said that, if unknowningly, I whitethorn person caused pain, I privation to apologize from the bottommost of my heart. I bash not thrive upon headlines neither bash I privation to beryllium the halfway of sensational situations. I’m a diehard optimist and I powerfully judge that beingness so is beautiful. Thanks for your patience and support. I person learned a batch from this incident.”

In a caller property meeting, Sonali Kulkarni said, “In India, we, astatine times, hide that a batch of women are conscionable lazy. They privation a boyfriend/husband, who earns well, owns a house, and his show astatine enactment guarantees regular increments. But, successful the mediate of this, women hide to marque a basal for themselves. Women don't cognize what volition they do. I impulse everyone to promote women and marque them self-dependent. So that they are susceptible capable to stock the household expenses with their partners."

Sonali's video has present gone viral connected societal media. She was criticised by Urofi Javed and Sona Mohapatra among others. Sonali was past seen successful the 2021 bid Whistleblowers connected SonyLiv.


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