Samsung Galaxy S23 Base Model to Receive Brightness Upgrade, Series to Continue Using Only Snapdragon SoCs: Reports

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Samsung Galaxy S23 series, expected to motorboat during the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked lawsuit connected February 1, is highly anticipated and has been taxable to a bid of leaks and rumours implicit the past fewer months. The upcoming lineup is said to comprise the basal Samsung Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra models. For immoderate clip now, Samsung has teased a almighty night-vision camera for its Ultra model, including a caller promotional video. All 3 models are tipped to connection 1750 nits of highest brightness, which represents a large upgrade for the basal Samsung Galaxy S23 model.

According to a tweet by tipster Roland Quandt, the Samsung Galaxy S23 bid volition travel with an OLED surface and a maximum brightness standing of 1750 nits “for each 3 models it seems.” It is worthy noting that the Samsung Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra volition connection the aforesaid highest brightness arsenic their predecessors, the Samsung Galaxy S22+ and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, respectively. This means that the basal variant volition beryllium connected par with this year's models successful presumption of brightness, according to the tipster.

While the full Samsung Galaxy S23 bid is expected to beryllium powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, a tipster claims that Samsung whitethorn take to usage lone Snapdragon chipsets for its handsets for the foreseeable future.

In a tweet, tipster Yogesh Brar claims, “'Snapdragon for Galaxy' for Galaxy S23 bid is not a one-off thing. Samsung volition apt agelong this till the clip their caller Exynos chips are ready.”

SamMobile reports that the company's Exynos chipsets, devised by Samsung's System LSI division, person fallen abbreviated successful caller years and been overshadowed by Snapdragon chipsets successful presumption of sustained workloads and cellular performance, resulting successful reduced artillery life. Samsung's smartphone division, Samsung MX, established its ain squad of engineers to make processors specifically for high-end Galaxy smartphones and the archetypal spot from the caller portion is expected to debut successful 2025 with the Galaxy S25, arsenic per the report.

Samsung has already been teasing the Galaxy S23 Ultra with a almighty night-vision camera. In a caller promotional video, it teased the aforesaid camera features again with clear, zoomed-in images of the satellite and the tagline, “Epic nights are coming.”

According to an older report, the superior camera of the Galaxy S23 Ultra volition beryllium a 200-megapixel HP2 sensor, arsenic compared to the 108-megapixel HM3 sensor of the superior camera successful the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Meanwhile, a caller report suggests that the exemplary volition connection to grounds representation videos successful 4K prime astatine 30fps. Another earlier report suggested that the high-end exemplary volition beryllium priced astatine $1,400 (roughly Rs. 1,13,400).

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