Rohit Sharma Provides Update On Axar, Shreyas Ahead Of Australia ODIs

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Following their triumph successful the Asia Cup 2023, India skipper Rohit Sharma revealed connected Sunday that batter Shreyas Iyer is nearing afloat fitness, standing him arsenic "99 per cent" match-ready, signalling his probable availability for upcoming matches. However, the skipper anticipates that Axar Patel volition beryllium absent for the archetypal 2 ODIs against Australia aboriginal this month. Iyer was featured successful conscionable 1 crippled of the Asia Cup -against Pakistan- and past missed retired aft suffering backmost spasms. Even though Iyer was injured for a ample information of the Asia Cup, helium has accomplished astir of the goals the squad absorption had acceptable for him arsenic helium recovered and tried to show his lucifer fittingness for the World Cup, which is present little than 3 weeks away.

"Shreyas was not disposable for this crippled [final] due to the fact that determination were definite parameters that were kept for him to tick off. Today, helium completed astir of it. I would accidental 99% helium should beryllium good arsenic of now, but helium looks good. He batted, helium fielded for agelong hours earlier we came successful contiguous So, he's looking bully astatine this constituent successful time. I don't deliberation it's a interest for us," Rohit said successful a post-match property conference.

Axar was forced to retreat from the last crippled aft injuring his near quadriceps during India's last Super Four lucifer against Bangladesh connected Friday. Washington Sundar, who had been brought successful from Bengaluru conscionable the time before, took his spot successful the starting lineup.

"Axar - I'm not sure, helium had a tiny tear. It looks similar possibly [unavailable] a week oregon 10 days. We conscionable person to hold and spot however the wounded progresses. Because each idiosyncratic is different; immoderate guys retrieve quickly. I anticipation that's the lawsuit with Axar, truthful we'll hold and spot what happens with him. Obviously, americium not excessively definite if he'll beryllium disposable to play the archetypal 2 games astatine location against Australia. We'll hold and see," Rohit said.

Given that India's World Cup squad lacks an off-spinner, Rohit was asked explicitly astir Washington Sundar's relation and wherever helium stands successful the wide strategy of things. The India skipper responded that helium had been successful interaction with anyone who the squad absorption believed whitethorn person a relation to play, adjacent if they didn't marque the last cut.

"With the spinning allrounder, everyone's successful line, [R] Ashwin arsenic well. I've been talking to him connected the phone. He's precise overmuch successful line, truthful is Washy [Washington]. We privation those guys who tin bash the occupation with shot and bat arsenic well. Washy, honestly that wounded happened to Axar precise precocious successful the night, and past we had to telephone a fewer guys to spot wherever they were at," Rohit said.

"Washy was available, truthful we got him successful to play the relation and execute the occupation for us. Luckily, helium was with the Asian Games squad successful Bangalore. He was training, helium was bowling, truthful helium was cricket fit, truthful we had to get him," the India skipper said.

"But yeah, I've been precise wide with definite guys who tin travel up and play definite roles. I've been talking to everyone; I don't privation to instrumentality names. Everyone is alert of what is happening, nary 1 is successful the acheronian arsenic to what is happening. Everyone is kept successful the loop," helium added.

With boosted assurance India volition present look to hole for the ODI World Cup arsenic they instrumentality connected Australia successful a three-match ODI bid with the archetypal lucifer being played astatine the PCA Stadium successful Mohali.

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