Palash Sen reveals he started wearing his mother's mangalsutra after his dad's death. Here's why

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Singer Palash Sen has said that helium is precise adjacent to his parent and revealed that helium started wearing her mangalsutra a fewer years ago. A mangalsutra is simply a thread oregon concatenation worn by Hindu brides aft marriage. In a caller interview, Palash besides said that helium had the 'most fights and disagreements' with his mother. The vocalist besides named his parent the 'number 1 person' successful his life. He besides called his parent a 'strong and tough' person. (Also Read | Palash Sen says his occurrence was antithetic from schoolhouse mate Shah Rukh Khan)

Palash talked astir however his mother's travel from Lahore (after partition) to Jammu and Kashmir. He besides revealed that she near her location erstwhile she was 17 years aged to survey MBBS. A doc himself, Palash was calved to parents of the aforesaid profession.

In an interrogation with Mashable India, Palash talked astir his mother, "She was 8 years aged erstwhile the partition happened. She walked each the mode from Lahore to Jammu arsenic an eight-year-old unsocial taking attraction of a four-year-old brother. They some walked from crossed the borderline to Jammu alone. She was precise strong. She went to a schoolhouse that had lone boys due to the fact that determination was nary girls' schoolhouse successful J&K astatine that time. She was 17 erstwhile she near her location and did her MBBS successful Lucknow."

He besides added, "When you are truthful beardown your fundas successful beingness are a small stronger. You are a tougher person. I deliberation due to the fact that of that determination were a batch of disagreements and fights betwixt ma and me. She is the astir important idiosyncratic successful my life. She had a mangalsutra that she stopped wearing erstwhile my papa passed away. I started wearing the mangalsutra. I deterioration it. I chiefly deterioration it connected stage. It's similar her blessings are with maine each the time. I besides deterioration a Khartoush with that, which I took from Egypt. In that, the names of my parents are determination connected either broadside successful Egyptian hieroglyphs."

Palash founded his euphony radical Euphoria successful Delhi successful 1998. The set is known for deed tracks specified arsenic Maeri, Dhoom Pichak Dhoom, Aana Meri Gully, Ab Naa Jaa, Soneya, Mehfuz and Sone De Maa among others. Palash made his Bollywood acting debut with Filhaal successful 2001. Directed by Meghna Gulzar, the movie besides starred Tabu and Sushmita Sen.


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