Nia Sharma says her break from work isn't voluntary: 'I am still a beggar who needs work, money'

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Nia Sharma, who hasn't been seen connected the TV for a portion now, has shared that her interruption is not voluntary. The histrion was precocious seen successful the euphony video for Javed Ali's opus Hairaan other Kunaal Roy Kapoor. Last year, she featured successful the euphony video of Garbe Ki Raat by Rahul Vaidya and Do Ghoont remix by Shruti Rane. Also Read| Nia Sharma says she gets awkward erstwhile radical telephone her blistery oregon pretty: 'I cant digest it'

However, Nia has been absent from tv since participating successful the world TV amusement Bigg Boss successful 2021. Her past web bid was Jamai 2.0 that released connected ZEE5 that aforesaid year. When asked astir her interruption from television, Nia said that it isn't voluntary and she volition judge immoderate bully task comes her way.

She told Bollywood Bubble, "We are not idiosyncratic who tin instrumentality voluntary breaks. I americium not successful that position, I americium inactive a beggar who needs work, who needs money. I tin ne'er accidental that astir enactment that I request a break. I privation work. At the aforesaid time, yes, I take it. I privation to hold for the close one. And the waiting tin beryllium 6 months long, a year-long, oregon it tin instrumentality years too. That is unluckily a drawback oregon a pitfall of what we are in. Sometimes, it feels truly bad. I consciousness precise very fto down astatine times. But I accidental nary much than yes, truthful I get it. It's fine, I volition get something."

Asked if she has been missing from tv due to the fact that she has moved connected from the platform, Nia said, "I deliberation I person stopped moving only. Mereko aisa lagta hai koi interruption lag gaya hai (It feeI that idiosyncratic has deed a break). Na to I person auditioned successful a portion for anything. Anything that comes to maine connected a phone, they inquire maine for my money, and the telephone ne'er comes back. Auditions toh bohot doorway ki baat hai (Auditions are thing acold off). For me, everything has benignant of stopped. The time it comes, immoderate comes, thing large comes up, I volition instrumentality it, I privation to instrumentality it."

Nia roseate to fame erstwhile she played Manvi Chaudhary successful the Star Plus amusement Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai. She besides gained popularity for her portrayal of Roshni Patel successful Zee TV's Jamai Raja. Her past fictional TV amusement was Naagin 4, successful which she played Brinda.


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