"Never Not Eating," Said Mouni Roy As She Shared This Foodie Post

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With her appearances successful well-known Hindi soap operas like Naagin and Mahadev, Mouni Roy became a household name. She made her Bollywood debut successful the critically acclaimed movie "Gold," starring Akshay Kumar. And now, seeing her successful the Brahmastra trailer, Mouni has undoubtedly taken implicit the hearts of galore people. While you each whitethorn cognize her for her wide assortment of roles, determination is besides different broadside to her! Any guesses connected what it could be? Well, Mouni Roy is simply a big-time foodie! The histrion is simply a person of each things delicious, from accepted Indian fare to European cuisine, and her emotion of nutrient is evident connected her Instagram feeds. Her caller station is conscionable a impervious of that.

Taking to Instagram, Mouni shared a bid of photos wherever she tin beryllium seen enjoying antithetic foods. In the pictures, you tin spot her having a cupful of coffee, orangish juice, noodles with stir-fried peas, a toast topped with greens and cheese, and a broadside of hummus and fruits. Then, she posted a abbreviated video of her having chips. Next, she shared a snapshot of pasta with wine, and lastly, you tin spot her having momos! In this post, she wrote, "Never not eating." Take a look astatine it here:

Don't each these dishes look perfectly tasty? Well, arsenic we said earlier that Mouni Roy is simply a big-time foodie; she often strikes a equilibrium betwixt her meals. Earlier than this, the histrion was seen enjoying a yummy rootlike chilla. Mouni Roy posted a representation of her chilla connected Instagram. Besan, herbs, and vegetables look to marque up the chilla. There are besides 2 different condiments with it: ketchup and achar. In the story, she wrote, "Yummy by @nidhikurda." You tin work each astir it here.

As Mouni keeps sharing these fantastic dishes, we can't hold to spot what volition beryllium adjacent connected her plate! What bash you deliberation astir it? Let america cognize successful the comments below.

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