Kapil Sharma on co-stars' exit from show: 'Except Sunil Grover, can't put everyone else in same category'

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Mar 18, 2023 10:02 PM IST

Talking astir the exit of his co-stars Sunil Grover, Krushna Abhishek, Ali Asgar, Upasana Singh and Chandan Prabhakar, Kapil Sharma says they tin uncover their reasons better.

Kapil Sharma was precocious asked astir the exit of aggregate co-stars from his drama amusement The Kapil Sharma Show. From Krushna Abhishek to Ali Asgar, to Chandan Prabhakar and Sunil Grover, galore discontinue his drama amusement successful the past consecutively. Kapil has said that helium continues to beryllium successful his aged spot portion they left, truthful they indispensable beryllium questioned astir it, alternatively of him. (Also read: Kapil Sharma's Zwigato earns beneath 50 lakhs connected time 1)

Kapil Sharma talks astir  the exit of his co-stars from the fashionable  drama  amusement   The Kapil Sharma Show, Kapil Sharma talks astir the exit of his co-stars from the fashionable drama amusement The Kapil Sharma Show,

In 2017, Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma had an infamous, in-flight fight, pursuing which Sunil discontinue the The Kapil Sharma Show. Ali Asgar besides near the amusement astir the aforesaid clip and it was speculated that the aforesaid incidental was the crushed for his exit. However, helium aboriginal said that helium was not creatively satisfied with his portion and truthful decided to portion ways. Last year, Krushna Abhishek and Chandan Prabhakar besides took an exit from the show.

Asked astir his co-actors leaving his show, Kapil told Aaj Tak, "Inse poochiye yeh kyun nahi ruke, mein toh apni hullo jagah par hun (Ask them wherefore they did not stay. I americium inactive astatine my place, the aforesaid spot I was in). I fought with Sunil that's okay. Bharti Singh agar aap Instagram pe dekhte hain toh hum saath mein baithte hain (If you travel us, Bharti Singh and I often beryllium together). Bharti has started her ain accumulation house. She is doing her ain enactment and is precise busy. It's not that those who person left, person fought with me. Upasana Singh is doing large enactment successful films. We spoke conscionable a fewer days ago. Krushna is simply a bully friend. So retired of each but Sunil, you can't enactment everyone other successful the aforesaid category. I ne'er deliberation ki specified baraabar aake khada hai koi (someone is present an equal). I person ne'er been tensed astir that.”

He besides said that arsenic a producer, helium had galore things to look after, but present that helium is not a shaper connected the show, and has a nonstop declaration with the channel, each the actors request to woody with the transmission astir their contracts. "I emotion Krushna but I don't cognize what was the contented with his contract. But I won't inquire due to the fact that I can't inquire him to little his price. Mera matlab nahi banta na (That is not my place)."

The Kapil Sharma Show is presently airing its play 4, since past year. It airs connected Sony TV, each Saturday and Sunday, astatine 9:30 pm. Kapil precocious appeared successful Nandita Das' Zwigato.


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