Israel's Netanyahu Meets Elon Musk In US, Urges To Fight Anti-Semitism

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Israel's Netanyahu Meets Elon Musk In US, Urges To Fight Anti-Semitism

Netanyahu besides praised Elon Musk for welcoming backmost tens of thousands of banned accounts to the platform.


Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu connected Monday urged Elon Musk to combat anti-Semitism connected his X level arsenic helium sat down with the tech tycoon to sermon artificial intelligence.

The conversation, which was broadcast connected Musk's X level (formerly Twitter), came arsenic the Tesla tycoon is mired successful enactment with the Anti-Defamation League, a US-based Jewish organization.

Musk has accused the ADL of making unfounded accusations of anti-Semitism that person frightened distant advertisers and wounded his company's revenue, and has threatened to writer for billions of dollars.

The ADL has for years accused the societal media tract of amplifying anti-Semitic hatred speech, and has charged that problematic and racist code has risen sharply connected X aft Musk completed his $44 cardinal takeover successful October.

"I cognize your committedness to escaped speech," Netanyahu told Musk, who has branded himself a escaped code absolutist and welcomed backmost tens of thousands of banned accounts to the level erstwhile helium took over.

"I respect that due to the fact that it's foundational to democracies, but I besides cognize your absorption to anti-Semitism..." the premier curate said.

"I anticipation you find wrong the confines of the First Amendment, the quality to halt not lone anti-Semitism, oregon rolling it backmost arsenic champion you can, but immoderate corporate hatred of radical that anti-Semitism represents," Netanyahu said.

Musk said portion his website couldn't halt each hatred code earlier it was posted, helium was "generally against attacking immoderate group, nary substance who it is."

"I'm successful favour of that which furthers civilization and which yet leads america to go a space-faring civilization, and wherever we recognize the quality of the universe," Musk said.

"We can't bash that if there's a batch of infighting and past hatred and negativity," helium added.

- 'Blessing and curse' -

The main taxable of the speech was the imaginable fallout from AI.

"I deliberation successful galore ways, we basal contiguous astatine a juncture for each humanity, wherever we person to take betwixt a blessing and a curse," Netanyahu told Musk.

Musk, who founded his ain AI institution this year, said helium was optimistic that planetary powers would spot the contented of mounting communal rules for AI successful bid to debar immoderate catastrophic outcomes that would impact humanity.

"Every athletics has a referee of 1 benignant oregon different truthful that's the rationale for AI safety," Musk argued, saying a repetition of a atomic arms contention connected AI was unwise.

Musk said helium precocious warned elder officials successful China that if AI "is sufficiently powerful, and attraction is not taken, that integer ace quality could beryllium successful complaint of China, alternatively of the CCP (the Chinese Communist Party)."

"The CCP prefers to beryllium successful charge" and took enactment connected regulation, helium added.

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