Indian and Australian defence ministers review strategic challenges

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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh held bilateral discussions with Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Richard Marles successful Delhi connected Wednesday. The 2 ministers “reviewed strategical challenges and the determination information concern and reaffirmed their shared nonsubjective of an open, free, inclusive, prosperous and rules-based Indo Pacific region,” a associated connection said.

“They looked guardant to India’s information successful Australia’s Indo Pacific Endeavour workout successful October 2022,” it said.

Marles is connected a four-day sojourn to India to fortify the bilateral defence ties betwixt the 2 countries.

The 2 leaders reviewed the existing defence practice activities, “which person been expanding contempt challenges of Covid-19 pandemic and discussed ways to heighten further cooperation”, the connection said.

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India and Australia are 2 of the 4 members of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, oregon the Quad, on with the US and Japan. The 4 nations are besides regular participants successful the Malabar war-gaming naval exercise.

Singh and Marles “reviewed the defence and information pillars of the India-Australia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership”, and “reaffirmed their committedness towards implementation of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership based connected communal spot and understanding, communal interests and shared values, of ideology and regularisation of law”, the connection said.

They welcomed the “growing diverseness and frequence of defence exercises and exchanges betwixt the 2 countries and undertook to physique upon operational engagements done the India-Australia Mutual Logistics Support Arrangement”.

Further, the connection said that the 2 ministers “committed to springiness fillip to the India-Australia Joint Working Group (JWG) connected Defence Research and Materiel Cooperation, which volition conscionable successful Australia aboriginal this year”.

The JWG is simply a “crucial mechanics for boosting ties betwixt defence industries,” according to the associated statement.

They besides discussed opportunities for concern practice betwixt India and Australia to summation the resilience of proviso chains and present capabilities to their respective defence forces, and besides agreed to research means to turn connections and opportunities betwixt Indian and Australian defence concern bases.

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