In show of strength, 42 MLAs with Shinde faction seen together at Guwahati hotel

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Amid reports of Eknath Sinde-led Shiv Sena faction set to divided the party without attracting disqualification nether the anti-defection law, a caller video shows 42 rebel MLAs presently lodged astatine a edifice successful Guwahati. In a amusement of strength, the video has been released by Shinde’s faction, with 35 Sena MLAs and 7 independents.

As the concern remains fluid with claims and counter-claims of MLAs “in touch” the factions, six much MLAs reported to person joined Shinde's campy connected Thursday. Maharashtra main curate Uddhav Thackeray is present near with 16 lawmakers with him portion 1 lawmaker is believed to beryllium undecided.

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The amusement of spot by Shinde-led faction comes amid Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Raut's assertion that 21 MLAs, who person sided with Shinde and are presently successful Guwahati, person contacted Thackeray's campy and volition beryllium with them erstwhile they instrumentality to Mumbai. Raut besides said that if the rebel MLAs privation Shiv Sena to propulsion retired of the ruling Maha Vikas Aghadi coalition, they indispensable marque an authoritative practice to enactment chief.

“We volition sermon it but amusement the courageousness to travel backmost successful Mumbai,” Raut said. “They indispensable travel backmost successful 24 hours.”

Meanwhile, the 2 MLAs -- Kailash Patil and Nitin Deshmukh -- who escaped rebel campy and reached Mumbai, person claimed that respective legislators mean to travel back.

"I entreaty to Eknath Shinde and others to travel back. The BJP is plotting against Shiv Sena done you, but bash not autumn prey to it. Balasaheb, Uddhav ji and Shiv Sena has fixed you each everything," Deshmukh told a property conference.


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