‘From Pancakes To Spaghetti’: A Look Into Athiya Shetty’s Foodie Side 

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 A Look Into Athiya Shetty’s Foodie Side 

Athiya Shetty loves to stock her foodie indulgences.Instagram

Congratulations Athiya Shetty! The Bollywood histrion tied the knot with Indian cricketer KL Rahul connected January 23, 2023. From Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif to Kartik Aaryan and Akshay Kumar, celebrities extended their champion wishes to the couple. To beryllium honest, we are inactive gushing implicit their dreamy wedding, which was held astatine Athiya's begetter Suneil Shetty's Khandala house. The mates besides shared a slew of love-filled pictures, which are presently ruling the internet. 

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Following the wedding, Athiya Shetty has rightly go the speech of the town. And, we stake you would beryllium arsenic funny successful knowing her foodie broadside arsenic well. Athiya is simply a fittingness enthusiast and swears by a steadfast diet. However, the histrion ne'er hesitates from indulging into sinful desserts. Today, we person compiled 5 favourite foods of Athiya Shetty and you would wholly subordinate to her. 

Bowl of Fruits and Berries 

Athiya Shetty takes her meal precise seriously. She prefers to get loaded connected immoderate delicious goodies archetypal happening successful the morning. Once, the histrion gave america a sneak peek into her fruity breakfast, which included papaya, melon and pineapples. Her effect vessel is followed by a “bowl of happiness” consisting of berries specified arsenic strawberries, cranberries and blueberries.

Rajma Chawal

In 1 of the ‘ask maine anything' sessions connected Instagram, Athiya opened up astir her each clip “favourite food.” Replying to a fan, she simply shared a drawback of the meal. Any guesses? It was 1 of the astir beloved comfortableness foods of Indians, Rajma Chawal. 

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Spaghetti Arabiatta

If you thought Athiya Shetty was each astir steadfast eating, you request to get your facts checked. She loves her carbs arsenic overmuch arsenic her steadfast foods. When you spot a plateful of delicious Spaghetti Arabiatta successful beforehand of her, determination is nary mode Athiya volition clasp back. 


Athiya Shetty has a saccharine tooth. We retrieve erstwhile she tried baking a banana loaf bread. But her Sundays are each astir gobbling down immoderate saccharine pancakes. Here, Athiya shared a representation of a stack of tiny pancakes, topped with blueberries and cocoa spread. "Sunday sweets," she had captioned the post. 

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Ice Cream 

She has a brushed spot for desserts and a scoop of crystal cream. Any thought which is the crystal pick flavour is Athiya Shetty favourite? Vanilla? No. Chocolate? Absolutely not. Her favourite crystal pick flavour is simply a operation of banana and strawberry. 

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