Fitbit Introduces Sleep Profile Feature for Premium Users

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Fitbit is introducing the Sleep Profile feature, which volition supply Fitbit users with adjacent much penetration into their sleep. This caller Fitbit Premium diagnostic offers a caller longitudinal investigation of slumber patterns portion interpreting it with amusive carnal characters. The Sleep Profile analyses the Fitbit user's slumber crossed 10 cardinal metrics each month, which is supported by slumber science, calculates trends, and compares them to what's emblematic for their property and sex successful bid to fto them observe wherever they tin improve.

The Google owned institution Fitbit has announced the “Sleep Profiles” successful a blog post. This caller diagnostic allows their Premium members to get much penetration into their slumber habits with the assistance of their associated slumber animal. It besides helps Fitbit users to observe semipermanent trends successful their habits truthful they whitethorn effort to amended their slumber habits.

Fitbit claims that the Sleep Profile metrics are shown connected a monthly aggregate presumption for the archetypal time, and the users volition besides beryllium provided with perfect ranges for each metric. They volition besides person a monthly slumber investigation - truthful that they tin see their existent absorption and efforts for further improvement.

Fitbit's Sleep Profile diagnostic uses six carnal archetypes, including Giraffe, Bear, Dolphin, Hedgehog, Parrot, and Tortoise, each chosen for their antithetic trends that subordinate to communal idiosyncratic sleeping patterns, arsenic per the company.

Meanwhile, Fitbit explains, "Our probe squad studied 1,000 antithetic slumber features during its investigation earlier distilling it down to the cardinal metrics we see successful your profile. Ranging from caller metrics, including slumber docket variability, a clip earlier dependable slumber and disrupted sleep, to antecedently tracked metrics specified arsenic slumber duration, restfulness and REM sleep, these information points represent a holistic month-long presumption of your slumber patterns and quality."

The Fitbit users, connected the different hand, person been asked to deterioration a Fitbit smartwatch oregon tracker portion sleeping for astatine slightest 14 nights per month, to person the analysis. Results volition beryllium shown successful the Fitbit app connected the archetypal time of each period and whitethorn alteration from period to month.

In presumption of availability, the latest Sleep Profile diagnostic volition beryllium launched motorboat for Premium customers and is compatible with Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Versa 2,, Fitbit Versa 3, Fitbit Charge 5, Fitbit Luxe, and Fitbit Inspire 2 devices. The eligible Fitbit users volition person their archetypal illustration successful the archetypal week of July, according to the company.

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