Did Ananya Panday Photoshop 'Aloo Bhujia' In Cocktail Glass? Internet Reacts

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Did Ananya Panday Photoshop 'Aloo Bhujia' In Cocktail Glass? Internet Reacts

Ananya Panday is ace progressive connected societal mediaInstagram

Ananya Panday is 1 of the astir progressive celebrities connected societal media. We often spot her uploading stories and posts featuring her regular life, sprout days, nutrient activities and much - astir of which are rather absorbing to watch. But it seems, 1 of her caller posts didn't spell good connected Instagram. And arsenic a result, it went viral and turned into meme and gag for many. It each started erstwhile Ananya uploaded stories connected Instagram featuring her partying with Shanaya Kapoor, Janhvi Kapoor, Khushi Kapoor and others. In 1 specified picture, we could spot Ananya posing with Janhvi, Shanaya and Orhan Awatramani. The 'Gehraiyaan' prima had a cocktail (martini) solid successful hand; but to everyone's surprise, the solid had 'aloo bhujia' successful it. You heard us!

Now, successful nary time, the photograph went each implicit societal media, leaving radical utterly confused. And arsenic a result, they initiated speech connected a Reddit Thread - they wondered if the representation was photoshopped oregon she was really having 'aloo bhujia' successful cocktail glass?! Let's instrumentality a look astatine the picture:

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Photo Credit: Instagram

Look into the representation closely, you excessively volition announcement thing antithetic astir the solid successful Ananya's manus (it seemed each blurry).

"Really thought she is holding a vessel of aloo bhujia," work a remark connected Reddit thread. Another idiosyncratic wrote, "Fancy people! Eating bhujiya successful a cocktail solid (Fancy log hai, bhujiya bhi iss solid mein khate hai."

A remark read, "Zoom in. They've severely photoshopped intoxicant into bhujia." Another idiosyncratic wrote, "Please telephone maine to specified aloo bhujia parties (Yesss. Mujhe bhi koi aloo bhujia enactment mein bulao)."

What are your thoughts connected Ananya's 'aloo bhujia' story? Do fto america cognize successful the comments below.

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