ChatGPT Professional Plan Priced at $42 Per Month Surfaces Online, Firm Yet to Announce Premium Plans

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ChatGPT, the chatbot launched by OpenAI, has reportedly started offering a Professional Plan to its users astatine the outgo of $42 (roughly Rs. 3,400) per month. No authoritative announcement has been made by the institution yet. However, OpenAI shared a waitlist for a nonrecreational tier with listed perks earlier this month. That station did not impact immoderate circumstantial outgo terms, but the institution said that they were looking to monetise ChatGPT, which stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer.

OpenAI wrote successful an announcement a week ago, “We're starting to deliberation astir however to monetise ChatGPT (early thinking, thing authoritative to stock yet). Our extremity is to proceed improving and maintaining the service, and monetisation is 1 mode we're considering to guarantee its semipermanent viability. We're funny successful chatting with immoderate folks for ~15 min to get immoderate aboriginal feedback. If you're funny successful chatting, delight capable retired this signifier (takes ~10 min to capable out).”

“Working connected a nonrecreational mentation of ChatGPT; volition connection higher limits and faster performance,” Greg Brockman, President and Co-Founder of OpenAI tweeted earlier this period on with a nexus for the “waitlist” to trial retired the upgraded version.

Working connected a nonrecreational mentation of ChatGPT; volition connection higher limits & faster performance. If interested, delight articulation our waitlist here:

— Greg Brockman (@gdb) January 11, 2023

According to a LinkedIn station by Linas Belinas (via), OpenAI is displaying a premium program priced astatine $42 (roughly Rs. 3,400) per month. This mentation is said to supply exclusive benefits specified arsenic nary downtime, faster effect time, and archetypal entree to caller functionalities. However, the station does not notation whether the idiosyncratic was capable to motion up for the plan.

Multiple users past started noting the Professional Plan enactment connected the website astatine the outgo of $42 (roughly Rs. 3,400). Zahid Khawaja, a Twitter idiosyncratic and developer who works connected respective AI projects, shared a video of the upgraded tier successful enactment connected some desktop and mobile and besides posted a screenshot of his outgo to OpenAI arsenic proof. As Khawaja points out, the strategy is importantly faster than the escaped version.

New ChatGPT pricing!

— Zahid Khawaja (@chillzaza_) January 21, 2023

While it is evident that immoderate users person been capable to motion up for the premium plan, determination has been nary authoritative announcement from OpenAI. The pricing whitethorn beryllium portion of a trial and whitethorn alteration with the authoritative rollout. Many online users are speculating it is simply a motion to the classical - The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy, wherever the fig 42 is the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything." It is besides worthy mentioning that the escaped mentation of ChatGPT continues to stay functional and disposable for usage astatine the clip of penning this story.

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