Bank of India offers attractive rate on this special term deposit scheme

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Bank of India connected Thursday launched a 444 days word deposit strategy with a compelling involvement complaint of 5.50% per annum. Senior citizens volition get an further involvement of 0.50% per annum.

In a statement, the government-owned slope said this peculiar term deposit strategy is launched connected relationship of the Bank’s ensuing 117th Foundation Day to beryllium celebrated connected 7th Sept 2022, with an intent to reaffirm its committedness to walk connected the benefits of argumentation complaint changes towards its customers & wide public.

The Bank, successful its endeavor to service each sections of nine viz. salaried, entrepreneurs, self-employed, farmers, etc, has ever taken each imaginable measures, keeping worth for customers astatine the centre stage, it said.

Notably, the connection is disposable astatine the bank's each branches and online platforms including net banking and BOI Mobile App. However, the connection is valid for a constricted period.

Under the peculiar word deposit, elder citizens volition besides get the further involvement of 0.50% per annum.

Also, the slope has hiked its ROI up to 40 ground points connected word deposits of assorted tenures.

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