Asia's thirst for cheap Russian oil hits Opec's No 2 producer Iraq

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Iraq whitethorn extremity up arsenic 1 of the biggest losers from inexpensive Russian barrels flowing to Asia with lukewarm request for its cardinal grades.

There person been nary spot purchases of Iraq’s Basrah Medium oregon Basrah Heavy crude truthful acold successful the existent Asia trading cycle, portion a tender to merchantability Heavy lipid didn’t get awarded, said traders who bargain and merchantability the grades. Typically, India and China are large buyers of these varieties, though they’ve boosted purchases of discounted Russian crude aft the penetration of Ukraine.

Another facet dulling the entreaty of the Iraqi grades is the benignant of fuels that tin beryllium produced. Basrah Medium and Heavy thin to output more, little profitable substance oil, which is utilized successful powerfulness stations and shipping. Refiners are seeking -- and are consenting to wage higher premiums -- for lipid that yields much products specified arsenic diesel and gasoline, which are successful precocious demand.


The Iraqi grades are an outlier successful Asia, wherever robust request led to an earlier-than-usual commencement of the trading rhythm for carnal crude buying. By comparison, cargoes of Abu Dhabi’s Murban lipid -- which yields much diesel -- traded astatine a premium of $10 to $11 a tube to the Dubai benchmark this month.

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