Amul's Topical For Mohammed Siraj, The Cricketer Who Took Four Wickets In One Over

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Amul's Topical For Mohammed Siraj, The Cricketer Who Took Four Wickets In One Over

Amul shared different absorbing topical.Photo Credit: Instagram/amul_india

Rohit Sharma-led squad India won the Asia Cup 2023 rubric connected Sunday. Indian bowlers led from the beforehand by bowling Sri Lanka retired for conscionable 50 runs. The existent prima of the show? None different than Mohammed Siraj. He is the antheral of the hour, grabbing everyone's attraction and admiration. Siraj was connected fire, taking an awesome full of 6 wickets, including 4 wickets successful a azygous over. This bonzer show has not lone made past but besides turned Siraj into a nationalist hero. Even Amul has paid tribute to this cricket sensation by posting a topical connected their Instagram page. In Amul's delightful topical, we could find a charming cartoon depiction of Mohammed Siraj. With a whimsical touch, 4 of his fingers are playfully raised and covered successful butter. He stood proudly beside the Asia Cup Trophy, raising a digit to his lips. Amul, with its wordplay magic, cleverly written astatine the top, "Sabka Sir aaj ooncha hai!" which translates to "Everyone's caput is held precocious today!" And astatine the bottom, the substance read, "Amul casts a magical spell." In their caption, Amul celebrated Siraj's singular achievement, dubbing him the "First Indian accelerated bowler to get 4 wickets successful 1 over!”
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Take a look astatine Amul's station below:

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Amul has ever had a knack for celebrating moments of nationalist pridefulness with its originative topicals. Just a fewer weeks back, erstwhile the Indian men's relay squad acceptable a caller Asian grounds astatine the World Athletic Championship, Amul paid tribute. In their topical, we saw an animated practice of each 4 athletes: Muhammed Anas, Amoj Jacob, Ajmal Variyathodi, and Rajesh Ramesh, sitting connected the crushed with their thumbs playfully covered with butter. At the apical of the poster, the substance read, "Really relay arrogant of you," portion astatine the bottom, they cleverly added, "Amul thigh it up!" In their caption, Amul joyfully exclaimed, "#Amul Topical: Celebrating our 4 x 400 meters squad astatine the World Athletics Championships!"

We emotion however Amul puts its originative twist and celebrates nationalist pridefulness with its topicals.

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